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Secondly, his recommendations also work only for a specific geographic area of the US and a specific age group.So to prove my theory I dropped my age by 5 and then by 7 years and voila! The geo factor was confirmed as I moved my "location" from one city to the next.The annual harbinger of emotional anxiety we call Valentine's Day is nearly upon us.And many of those still searching for a Valentine are looking online.Online dating may have its pitfalls, but there are plenty of potential suitors on offer inside our i Phones and Androids.But don't jump onto Tinder or with just a headshot and a prayer.Much of this discrepancy may be explained by the general youth of online daters, who have not necessarily entered their prime earning years.

Adults of different ages may share motivations for companionship and affection, but dating profiles may reveal differences in adults’ goals.Looking across age groups, the youngest cohort (18-29 years old) has the largest percentage of online daters within it, with 18% of all online adults in that age group visiting a dating site.However, 11% of online adults ages 30-49 have ventured to dating sites, while 6% of those ages 50-64 and a mere 3% of those aged 65 and older have tried dating sites.We collected 4,000 dating profiles from two popular websites to examine age differences in self-presentations.We used stratified sampling to obtain a sample equally divided by gender, aged 18–95 years.

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After analyzing more than 80 separate studies, a pair of researchers determined the types of profiles and online behaviors that increase the likelihood of finding a real-life match.

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  1. The website acknowledges its controversial name by stating, “People ask all the time ‘Why White People Meet’? ” “Our intentions in creating this dating website were never meant to be racist or biased in any way,” the founder of the agency wrote on the website.