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Please understand that "my program is not working" is a totally inefficient indication... I need at least to know what happens (error message, what is not working, what are the conditions and the steps to reproduce the problem...).

A screenshoot is appreciated if it is not too large (please SAVE using JPG or GIF).(*) I am sorry but I don't answer anonymous mails.

I had to ask several times what they thought had caused these parts to fail, so I could know if I needed to change my ways or perhaps discover a reliability issue.

To make a long story short, after 7 weeks I received it back from Yaesu Service, after they replaced 3 chip caps and an IC on the main board near the CW key jack.

added the FTDX 3000 to my station in order to use it differently than most users will; my setup uses the transmit portion of the radio as usual, but utilizes the IF output on the rear deck to replace most of the receive capability with an SDR on the IF, and my Sdr Dx software working with the SDR.

This works as planned, and so I am well satisfied with the radio in my installation.

curious.) Outside of the ham bands, there’s no fixed capability, only tuning/tracking so the spectrum is always sliding around as you tune, no choice.

In the ham bands, it’ll lock down and is much easier to see, although since what is on it is mostly nonsense… EDIT 20140216: There is a firmware upgrade for the FTdx3000, but upon examining the process by reading the FTdx3000 upgrade manual, I abandoned any intent of installing it.

I did upgrade the firmware so that I can now use the carrier knob for power control. To buy this transceiver and complain about the bandscope is like buying a house and then complaining about the size of the windows. It will match anything up to 3:1 SWR and lets face it, if your antenna/feeder is showing worse than 3:1 SWR you should probably be trying to sort your antenna rather than blaming the rig. You have to wind the bejaysus out of it to get it to move anywhere. The bandscope was a nice addition to have, but this is NOT the reason I purchased this radio.It’s way, way too slow – updates are jerky and there’s zero sense of modulation matching the display.There’s no waterfall for RF (though there is for audio…The receiver is excellent during contests, you can really get rid of that strong signal right next to the signal you really want to hear.It has been able to receive signals my 920 could not hear. The TX audio can be tailored to suit your mic and voice using the built in parametric equaliser and selectable TX BPF bandwidths. You need to operate in a very bright room just to see what you are doing. Compared to my last radio, the 950, the roofing filters really work!

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